• Significant year in the formation of a Furniture Association for Johore
  • Committee Election
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Renamed “ Federation of Johore Furniture Manufacturers and Traders Association
  • Own permanent Secretariat office
The year 1972 heralded a significant year in the formation of a Furniture Association for Johore. The furniture industry was at its infant stage then and was beleaguered with the country's high inflation rate and the imposition of '5% Sales Tax' by the Government.
The furniture manufacturers and traders were faced with hard times and everyone was trying to make the best of the situation and resorted to undercutting prices which led the furniture market into very stiff competition. It was at this point of time when Mr. Leong Sen Hee, Mr.Sim Hock Leong, Mr.Et Man Kee (all deceased), Mr.Choo Tiok and others got together and formed an association to protect the furniture industry and its business.
This group of enterprising manufacturers went on to invite and recruit members from all over Johore to join the association. This bore fruits when the Johore State Furniture Association was formed on 2 September, 1973, with Mr.Leong Sen Hee, as its President, and Mr.Sim Hock Leong, as its Secretary General, with its office at 124A, 1st Floor, Jalan Mersing, Kluang, Johore. The official opening ceremony was graced by Mr.Chan Kiat Eng, President of the Kluang Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
After its inauguration, the association was actively involved in getting more members, organizing several activities and attending to the needs, problems and issues faced by its members. The main issue then was the 5% Sales Tax imposed by the government. Our Association's committee worked relentlessly with The Furniture Manufacturers and Traders Federation of Malaysia (formed in 1978) now known as Malaysian Furniture Industry Council, and the Malaysian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry to get the tax lifted. This was finally achieved in 1980 when the Government relaxed the sales tax from RM20,000 to RM100,000. This was well received by its members and all other industries and simultaneously the confidence in the association grew.
However, in the 1980 committee election, it was decided to restructure the association. It was suggested that each district of Johore was to form its own association. This will enable the respective district association to be more effective in serving its members and covering all aspects to bring about improvements and benefits to its members and the industry. It was met with approval and the Johore Bahru Furniture Association was the first to be formed followed by Kluang, Batu Pahat, Muar and Segamat. With these five district associations, the Johore State is well represented in the furniture industry.
In the Annual General Meeting of 20 March, 1982, some rules and regulations were amended and the association changed its name to Johore State Furniture Dealers Association.
In 1989, the association was renamed 'Federation of Johore Furniture Manufacturers and Traders Association.(JFA)' which is known till today. JFA is the only association in Malaysia with 5 District Associations in its organization which consists of : -
1. Johore Bahru Furniture Industry Council
2. Kluang Furniture Association
3. Batu Pahat Furniture Association
4. Segamat Furniture Association
5. Muar Furniture Association
Today, JFA has approximately 700 members and is proactive and sensitive to the needs of the Government and the furniture industry. Furthermore, since April 1999, JFA has its own permanent Secretariat office (which based in Muar Furniture Association premises). The association is proud of its progress and achievements over the years. It is visioned JFA will continue to flourish and grow in tandem with Malaysia's economy and will continue to support both its members and the industry to propel the country's growth towards 'Vision 2020' and beyond.
Year President
1973/74 Mr. Leong Sen Hee (deceased)
1975/76 Mr. Leong Sen Hee (deceased)
1977/78 Mr. Leong Sen Hee (deceased)
1979/80 Mr. Low Kim Chen 1997/98
1981/82 Mr. Leong Sen Hee (deceased)
1983/84 Mr.Chong Bam @ Chong San
Year President
1985/86 Mr. Tan Chuan Choon
Mr. Chang Chien Seng
1991/92 Mr.Sham Wai Yin
1993/94 Mr.Eng Say Teng
1995/96 Mr.Ng Chon Chu
Mr.Ng Lai Teck
Year President
2001/02 Mr.Liau Cham Hong (deceased)
Mr Chua Lee Seng
Mr Bo Eng Chee
Mr Neo Chee Kiat